"The power of the ad is always in the product itself. It is NOT in the copywriter. The copywriter simply finds it and expresses it." 


~Eugene Schwartz 

What do you think of when you hear the word "writing"?

School essays? Novels? Blogs? Emails? Meaningless ramblings in a notebook? 


Writing, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, means to "form visual letters or characters," but has it ever occurred to you that this act can be permanent? When we take time to put thoughts into writing, we are taking the chance that those words may never be erased. Hopefully, our message will leave a lasting mark on our readers.

If writing is so enduring, then isn’t it just as important to make sure that our writing is eloquent? Eloquent, again according to Webster, means "adept at skilled, easy, pleasing communication of a thought, idea, or feeling usually in a fluent, moving, vivid, or forceful manner."


Finding the eloquent way to communicate a message is both an art and a skill. I work hard to get to know you (or your business), so I can learn about your products and offerings. Then I spend time researching your audience, so I understand what they need to hear to encourage them to take action. Add to that a splash of creativity . . . and we have eloquent copy that persuades, informs, or entertains your clients.

You know what else? I will make sure that your writing sounds human. 

When we get down to it, the internet is really just a conversation between two people. I will make sure that your writing sounds like a conversation, not an essay or a sales pitch.

Want to learn more about my work? Contact me today at laura@writingwitheloquence.com.