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Quick Tips for Great Web Design

Avoid centered text!

Centered text is difficult to read because the eye doesn’t have a common point of return. Avoid centering large groups of text.

Use “light on dark” text sparingly

Many people find light text on dark backgrounds difficult to read, so use this technique sparingly.

Save underlining for hyperlinks

When readers see underlined text, they assume that the text is a hyperlink. Use bold and capitalization to set headings apart; save underlining for hyperlinks.

Accessibility for all users

Promote accessibility for all users by employing the following techniques:

  • Provide the option to increase font size.

  • Ensure your website is navigable using a keyboard.

  • Use colorblind filters to view your site through the eyes of a colorblind visitor.

  • Spell out all verbiage to cater to site visitors using adaptive listening devices.

  • For example, a link labeled, “click here” will not provide verbal indication about purpose of the link. The link should read, “Click here to read more about [your topic].”

  • Add alt text (alternative text) descriptions for all images.

These simple techniques will ensure that your website is clear, easy to read, and accessible to all users.

Stay tuned for more information about website design!

Information for this blog was provided by: Letting Go of the Words (Second Edition) by Ginny Redish

Writing for the Web:A Practical Guide by Cynthia Jeney